a little progress

Pulled the clutch hub/ rotor last night found exactly the scenario I've been reading about. Magnets had let loose & destroyed the stator in the process. You can see the shield over the magnets of the new rotor, hopefully eliminating this problem for ever. There is a big difference in the strength of the magnets however. The magnets on the new rotor are much weaker than the ones on the old factory part. Hopefully that won't be a problem.
Here's where it got interesting. The piece pictured in the center rotates independently in the clutch hub, but when I installed it in the new hub I couldn't get it to set in far enough & it also would not rotate at all. So I pulled it back apart & upon further inspection I found that the c-clips are totally different & that the ears on the new one were causing the whole problem. A quick swap & I was back in business. A quick fix, but How has this been over looked; & worse, what if I hadn't caught it???

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