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Tractor Music

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Gooood Stuufff!!!

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The Antique Motorcycle Club of America will have a swap meet at the Dixon, Ca. fair grounds June 15 &16. Since I am too ignint to figure out how to copy the flyer, heres a --LINK-- Thanks for the heads up DethRow.


Thought i had the wiring patched up enough to fire this thing up....I guess not. gunna go through it one more time and get a full charge to the battery and we will see what happends

CB plug wires

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Here is a couple pics of the new plug wires for the honda i have dyna electronic ingnition and coils so i couldn't get the old style braided wires so i made due braided wire covering i used for the rest of the wiring on the bike. New technology with the old look!


Ok first off this is the first time i have ever posted anything on this or any blog so cut me some slack. These are a few pics of a cheap and easy way to make a seat pad. We have all used this padding before but this time i wanted to try something different by cutting strips and shaping each one to kinda look like "tuck and roll" i used a rubber pad i got for free for the base, foam from O.S.H. and DAP contact cement to stack the layers of foam.I dig it and if anyone else does ill revisit this with more pics and a how to step by step

wires done

Well, the wiring is done & I'm very happy with how it's turned out. I've whittled away the factory harness & I'm down to just 3 switches; main on/off, starter & head/tail lights. Finished up the top motor mount last night & I think once it's all cleaned up & painted it will be pretty clean. Electrical is not my strong point, so it feels good to check this one off the list & know that I won't have to address it again later.


I managed to fire off the '89 today & man was it great! First time I've heard this bike run. I got an adrenalin rush & pissed off the neighbors all at the same time! Good stuff for sure. So after I finish wiring the switches, I just need to figure out a tail light/license plate mount, wire the lights & then tackle the seat. After that, I can ride like a mo-fo while I contemplate the many changes to come......... Cheers suckaaas!


Absolutely love this! One day I hope to acquire such an engine.

Never do this.....

Chopping your cam chest has become a right of passage so to speak when it comes to building a righteous sportster. How ever, I would highly recommend never using this method. Over the years I find myself going further & further out of my way to avoid using power tools. I have a hand full of reasons for doing so, but to keep from rambling, I'll say, it just feels right. This time though, I may have gone too far. There are so many things that could have gone wrong here, but I decided to trust my hands & tackle this with a little finesse. Well, what I've done so far took absolutely for ever & at some point I'll still have to remove the thing to get it all purdy, but at least my cam cover is now chopped. Oh, & in case you're wondering, the leak you see is an oil passage that I uncovered, drilled during the manufacturing process & plugged by the factory; & now needing re-plugged by me. -Cheers


This Sunday!


Emissions is a government conspiracy to gum up your carbinator. Everyone knows your vapors should vent to the atmosphere choking off some far away endangered specie. How else is a motorcycle going to get that manly smell without having gasoline & oil ooozing from it's poors?


Grabbed this pic from over at bubble visor. That guy gets the coolest pics. Any way, since I have a major tank fetish, I decided I'd start collecting & posting pics of my favorites here. This one is weird. When I look at it, I feel like I should think it stinks, but there's something about it that I really like. I don't know, it reminds me of a rock or something.

low down CB

Lionel's Honda getting a down & dirty make-over. Dig it.


Stole this photo from Church. Now this is an idea I wish I had thought of years ago! Could have used one of these a time or 3.


It's been so long since I worked on a bike, my head has just been swimming with ideas. Well, this tail section deal is what I've got in my head at the moment. I want this bike to be super solid & tying the rear frame together instead of having a sheet metal fender hanging out will keep that idea in check. Plus, I can weld in mounts to bolt on a rack for camping & what not.


The paint is not perfect, but it's rattle can any way, so it's done for now. Maybe some day when we fall in to a bunch of money, I'll break down & have all the parts on my bikes powder coated... Yeah right.


...as Jeff would say. I was finally able to pull this thing together thanks to the little aluminum spacers from QCB Stretch in Florida. You sir are the man! The outer cover will get some touch up paint today, but otherwise I am very happy with this set up. I just hope the paper filter is not too restrictive for this carb. Stay tooned!


New wheels from QCB Mike in Texas; done with new bearings & new treads, all in glorious glorious black! I'm getting very excited about this build; it's getting meaner & meaner.