Key Fobs

What ever the hell a fob is. Made these for myself recently. Both double sided & hand stitched. If you're interested, contact me here >>> BW Hand Tooled Leather

Helmet ad?

This has been around a while, but it blows me away. The email I got said this dude lived. Make you think about wearing a full face?
Todays email:

please check out The Stepping Razor Barbershop newly opened last week in Bushwick Brooklyn.
Located off the Morgan stop L Train,inside Post Bike Shop you will find
The Stepping Razor Barbershop, focusing on traditional mens haircuts and hot towel
shave for the gentleman and the outlaw.Inside you'll find old school skateboarding,
60's and 70's chopper and lowrider culture.Opened by Danny Baptista a barber / musician and Dad
you may catch him rocking his baby boy Zorion or writing some tunes for The Cool and Deadly in between haircuts.
Check it out here !

The Stepping Razor Barbershop
257 Varet st, Brooklyn NY
Inside Post Bike Shop
between Bogart + White st
L Train to Morgan ave
(917) 586-7710
open Wed thru Sat 12-7pm

Swamp Meat!!!

Sunday May 16 2010 At the Sacramento Drive-In
9616 Oates Dr
Sacramento, CA 95827
Open 7:00am to 1pm


Dig it. -click here-
Unrelated; till the next time my bike breaks down.

Nor Cal Knock Out

This was over on the QCB. Check it out -HERE-


I'm not even going to say I'll try to make it since I'll be a proud new Papa at that time, but I'll promote the hell out of it & live vicariously through the Bastards who do make it.


Go here >>FTWCO<<

Chain Drive Conversion

For this operation we went with the stock rear wheel from my 'o2, a 46 tooth flat sprocket that I opened up the center on with the lathe & a 22 tooth trans sprocket from PBI (ordered from Zippers Performance). The chart was at the bottom of the box. Thought it was cool & may be useful to some of yous.

Carnage at HANK III

Lionel took an ambulance ride from the Hank III show in S.F.

Old Photos

Picked these out of an email from Mom.