"jumpin' the train"

Lifted this from Biltwell, cuz Jeezus Kriest that's cool!

Coaster Brake

Did this today playin a round er.

electric funeral

The future of motorcycling??? Maybe not but I think they look like fun. The Enertia is available for just shy of $8k. A bit steep for a guy in love with gas & oil, but here’s the scoop: They claim a top speed of 60+mph & weigh something like 324lbs. Not bad for a ride with no pistons. To recharge, plug in to any standard 110 outlet. Many parts are made from recycled materials & the bike itself is recyclable. Hippy stuff I know. These pics are slightly dated. The current models are sporting black aluminum mags & black seat. Here's the best part though: MADE IN THE U.S.A.! Check em out HERE.

69 Mile Ride

Well, here are a few of the shots I got today. An improvement from the last trip, but we'll see what else turns up??? Good times.


Check it out >>>4Q
See y'alls there.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thank you to all of our Service Men & Women past & present.

Home brewed goodness!

Leon sends these pics of his Kawi & waaay out Buel Blast. Dig 'em. Thanks Leon.

A.H.C. Halloween Party

This was my kind of shin dig. No bullsh#t, just good people & good riding! Thanks to Gabe & Lois for their generous hospitality & home cookin. Also thanks to Executive Choppers & Al's Metal Spinning Co. for opening their doors to us. We met some cool folks that I hope to ride with again. Also, thanks to jbfrmca & 6t sinner because a lot of these photos are theirs. I borrowed them from the forum because I didn't get many good ones & theirs are cool. Thanks guys.