Dig it!

Makes me laugh every time!

Holey XL

Jeff sent these. XL drilled to the max!

roadside repairs

at the Lucky Bastards C.C. party in Pengrove ('05 I think)

Night Train

Jeff's Night Train a couple years back.

'58 TR6

This was a gift for our wedding from Jeff! Kick ass.

Sky building headlight mount & choppin down his 39mm front end.

Camping at Don's place (Jerome Az.). Had a kick ass time! His place was better than the show.


Lionel's BMW. Found this when we stopped to fuel up about 2 hours into our trip to S.O.W. III.


Customized tire tread... I think it'll catch on!

gas tank

This thing holds about 3 quarts of fuel!


pics from Sky

somewhere on the Smoke Out West I trip

San Quentin

media pic taken on execution day a few years back