She's a roller

Finally finished blasting & painting the wheels & thanks to my mechanic friends Perry & Super Dave, I mounted some used tires so I can roll the truck around. I even learned how to use a tire machine; holy crap is that easier than breaking beads by hand! Thanks guys. Tomorrow we bring her home.

Eat here!

From Hwy 99, exit 7th Standard Rd. & go east 1/4 mile or so.

Dyna Beads

I met a guy in my neighborhood who was filling the tire of his Triumph with these things. Check out Dyna Beads. I love inovative stuff like this.


Happy Easter suckas!


My friend Perry bought this tank at a swap meet for $40 a few years back. A few days ago I saw the same tank on ebay, NOS (that's new old stock) that was up to $350 & still had time left to bid. Just stupid. Any way, Perry had ridden his sportster so he asked me to take the tank home in my truck & he would get it next time we met. Well, that was the last I heard from him. After a month or two I called & someone told me that Perry & his wife had left town. I held on to the tank in hopes we would cross paths again, but after 6 years or so I think Perry's cool with it.
I always liked the tank because 1: it has no tunnel (unusual) & 2: it's filler cap is centered instead of off to the right (also a bit unusual). So far it's the only one I've seen like it. So I was going to feel real bad cutting & welding on this thing; that is until I inspected it closer. This tank had to have been built on a Monday by a guy with one hell of a hangover. The filler cap is not centered & the two halves are not lined up with each other. It's even got brown paper stuck to it because it was wrapped up before the paint was dry. My plan is to disassemble the whole thing, cut it in half, & put it back together better than it was & add some proper mounts. Hope I can do it justice.
Perry, where ever you are, Thanks!

"Right turn Clyde"...

And now for a total change of direction. The things I've been doing to my Sportster just haven't been looking right, so after trying on a few different tanks I think I'm finally happy... for now. Probably change my mind again next week. I think it looks pretty rude & I just love a bike that's offensive.

seat cowl



Got this in an email today. Not quite sure what I think of it. Zero is just not the same company without Shinya. Somehow I just don't think this would happen if he were still with them.

I used to think...

...hard tails were the only way to fly; but in the past few years I've seen such incredible examples of swingarm bikes that I've really grown to love them. These are some of the best examles I've seen yet. The WRENCHMONKEES are building quite a diverse bunch of bikes & you just can't beat the color schemes. Mmmmm... blaaack.

Last night I learned something about being married. If you need some time in the garage, arguments are not always a bad thing. ;)

It was a productive holliday.