Anual Ride to Work Day, June 21st, O Ten

If I can manage to remember, I'll repost this when the date gets closer. This event should definitely have more chopper involvement. Check the link for propaganda or to help promote: Ride to Work


WIN THIS BIKE for $1!! at the 23rd CLUBMANS ALL-BRITISH SHOW MARCH 27, 2010 Santa Clara County Fairgrounds 1972 BSA 650 Lightning >>>BSAOCNC

Back in the saddle!

Finaly! Damn it's good to be back in a garage! Feels like I've found a missing part of myself. Tonight we loaded up Robert's '97 XL 1200 & gave it a temporary new home in my new garage where we will breath life back in to it. From here on out, posts may be less frequent but hopefully higher quality (as in actual progress!) Stay tooned!

---Must Read---

Karl Hungus -A man & his machine
click^^^ I couldn't figure how to email Karl & ask permission to post this, so I hope he won't be pissed, but I think this is something a great many of us can deeply relate to. I'm not in to posting dialog, but this read is well worth your time. Thanks Karl.


This is an incredible SR 500! Pic borrowed from a new blog >>> Lords of Loud.

Dice comes to "Norcal"

Finaly; of course now that I've moved away. I'll still try to make it though.