I believe that within everyone lies the ability to build something & build it well. All my life I've heard people say "I can't draw", or "I wish I could build... whatever". Personally, I think that's a bit of bull. You might just have to dig deeper than someone else, but you do have hands & it's there. It might be a stone wall, or it could be an intricate piece of jewelry, or maybe just a sand castle that no one else will ever see but you; but you've got the ability to build it. Maybe it's the drive that people are missing. Well that's easy to find. The first time you build something that brings you that feeling of pride & genuine sense of accomplishment... you'll feel the drive. -Bryan


Coffee, banana & raw steel; breakfast of champions.

Throwbacks Season Opener

This was a great local event! Awesome weather, great food & some serious talent in the motorbike dept. Brought my family & we all had fun; plus everyone we met were really nice. Thanks for the invite Jared!


Just gave these Honda Shadow bars a serious tune up. I cut about 7 inches from the middle & took about 40 degrees from the pull back.

June 18

Ironhead Roller

Found this while at work today in Oroville, Ca. A picture perfect example of humble beginnings. You can't get much uglier, but ooooohhh the potential.

Caption Contest....

"Lord, what is my father doing???"


Another shot with Jeff's tank. This one fits nicely & I think with the stock bars gives the bike a more classic look.

the transition period

Well, it's been one week & this sportster is getting more & more respectable. Just need to finnish the wiring & a few other minor details like a gas tank mount & deciding which bars to run.

Crater Camp

Crater Camp from Elrod Racing on Vimeo.


This will always be here if my son wipes out the computer right?