All British Show -San Jose, Ca.

This show is freakin great! I imagine there are few places in the world where you can witness a gathering of bikes of such caliber & rarity with a swap meet included; & to top it all off only a $5 cover. I could have easily taken a myriad of pictures here, but these are all I had the patients for. Enjoy.

Asian Bike & Scooter Show

This show was in another building adjacent to the one for the All British Show. This was the only shot I took cuz by the time we wandered over that way their show had pretty much cleared out. This bike is freakin crazy any way.


Damn near burned down my apartment tonight. But more importantly, damn near burnt up my f-ing grill!!! Haven't cleaned this thing for months. Just to damn lazy. Well... after a couple a beers, I fired her up to get ready for some nice juicy country style ribs! My favorite! Well all the grease & sh#t thats built up under the grill part (near the burners!) COUGHT ON FIRE!

Moral of this story: Clean as you go. Don't be a lazy bastard!

More progress

Sky rope'n up the bike (as the kids say). Lookin good!

Progress Pics

Finished up the welding on Sky's tank this weekend!


I love this one. I want it on a t-shirt!

Original art by: Jimmi Davies over on the QCB forum. Thanks Jimmi, feel free to send more!

Meet Mert!

Sunday, March 29th - Larkspur, CA

Meet Mert Lawwill at a special screening of On Any Sunday!
For over 20 years Mert has been developing and machining state-of-the art prosthetic hands that have changed the lives of people who literally and figuratively need a hand. With help from Michael Aron of the Mojotown Project, he is now establishing a nonprofit organization to grant hands (or 0ff set the costs) to those who don't have the means to purchase them. The Mojotown Project's special screening of On Any Sunday will kick off the fundraising efforts for
The screening is Sunday March, 29th 2009 - 7pm at The Lark Theater, 549 Magnolia Ave (downtown), Larkspur, CA, 94939. Tickets are $25 each and include one movie pass, a drink and one raffle ticket. Seats are limited so don't wait.
For more info visit or call 415.404. MOJO (6656)
Found on C.O.C.

Nice Iron Head

Jeff found this for sale in Vallejo a while back.


Don't think so? Check the front down tubes. Craaazy shit!
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