I had to fold the edge's down today and re-paint it. It was killing my legs last week and since the bike was down for a few days I decided to do something about it. Nothing spacial just that home built shit!"Fancy"

"Friday", the first day out on the BSA.Balls to the wall straight madness!

Second day out on the Beezer and the plungers retainer screw came out. Had me stressed out! Didn't know what it was and thought it was a lot worse. The gear lever would stick and I could only get up into second. So I had to get towed home Sunday. Yesterday and tonight I split the cases and went to work on it. Just put it back together and started her up. I have to re-time the Boyer but all seems to be well. Tomorrow I'll take her for a spin and see how the gears shift.
From left to right: BSA A65L, HD XL 1200 & Honda CB550

A long time coming...

...but Sky's got the Beezer on the road! Spent most of the day riding around Petaluma, Cotati & Rhonert Park. Hell of a day for it too. Let me tell ya, seeing a bike like this in motion is really somethin else. Congrats Sky!

1950's Italian Police

Sent from Jeff Scotto. Thanks.

Not very effective.

Is it just me, or is something missing here?

Sears Point Raceway

Sorry, I mean Infineon. 140mph through turn 1 just for practice! Photos taken & sent by Steve Hixenbaugh (my Father in law).
Thanks Steve!


Found these while sorting through Grandpa's leathercraft box! Shopping for his '58 Ford Pick-up. To make these even cooler, some measurements to build his own camper shell for the same truck. I grew up hearing stories about my Grandpa instaling a 427 in this truck & racing his cousin while on camping trips & such. Look close at the phone numbers on the cards. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, he still has the truck & the 427 still in it!

The Crucible

Check out this school! http://www.thecrucible.org/ Rode down to Oakland today for their open house & all I can say is this place is freakin RAD! They offer classes in almost anything that combines industry & art. TIG welding, machine shop, glass blowing, blacksmithing, hell they even offer a class in fire dancing! Evan Wilcox http://www.wilcoxmetal.com/ offers a class in sheet metal forming for motorcycles that I would love to take. If you haven't heard of this guy check his site. Beautiful work! Oh yeah, they also offer a course in motorcycle maintenance. Classes aren't cheap but right now they are offering 30% off tuition. Check em out.

These are for a couple of purses I'm working on.