custom tools

Totally unrelated, but I finished this knife today. I built it in trade for another custom leather tool by a gentleman in South Carolina. Custom tools are great & fairly unique, but when one is build just for you & to your specs it is truly one of a kind & nothing beats that. I love the bartering system.

more burried treasure...

Today I removed the seat & found the truck's original tools. Nothing spectacular but I sure felt like I had just unearthed a tomb. I know that seat had not been lifted in 40-50 years. Very cool. In other news, Bin Laden is dead! "Yippy kayay mother f#cker"

The God of gas tanks!

Saw this over on the QCB. I have a thing for tanks, but this may be the raddest part I've seen for any bike ever! Holy Sh*t! Check it out HERE.


Well, thanks to the help of Mom & Dad we got the truck home today & it all went smooth. This evening when I started looking through the glove box (which had rotted & fallen to the floor years ago) I found a few treasures; namely the owners manuals! I'm really going to have to take my time checking the manuals out as they are in quite a fragile state from sitting in the cab for so many years. The rest are tune up parts that I really hope are salvageable, but I'm not holding my breath.