Wow, this thing may have an even smaller tank than my own bike! Super cool. Pics borrowed from Hated of the World, borrowed from Show & Go.

Attention Dirtbags!

***Time has changed to 7:00pm*** Visit them here: DIRTBAG CHALLENGE

***!!!LOOK WHO'S BACK!!!***

So I'm probably a bit behind the times (again), but HOLY CRAP am I exited to see these guys back! Way back when, the PK Ripper was the freakin Holy Grail of bmx rides (at least where I grew up). Check 'em out >>>HERE<<<


This bike just plain kicks ass! Lifted the pic from Chop Cult. Read more about Scott Towne & his tough little Suzuki TS 185 >>Here<<

Good Stuff

Picked these up at a model engine show. If you ever get a chance, go. They are not plastic & yes, they run!

Track Bikes

Killing some time yesterday, stopped by The Motorcycle Shop (formerly Moto Mechanica) in Santa Rosa. They've got some seriously cool bikes, problem is the best ones are not for sale.

sneak peek... a couple of new projects in the works. If you want one, email for more pics or check here >>BW Hand Tooled Leather<< after Christmas.

Kingsburg, Ca.

At the local car show, about 2005 or so.

"jumpin' the train"

Lifted this from Biltwell, cuz Jeezus Kriest that's cool!

Coaster Brake

Did this today playin a round er.

electric funeral

The future of motorcycling??? Maybe not but I think they look like fun. The Enertia is available for just shy of $8k. A bit steep for a guy in love with gas & oil, but here’s the scoop: They claim a top speed of 60+mph & weigh something like 324lbs. Not bad for a ride with no pistons. To recharge, plug in to any standard 110 outlet. Many parts are made from recycled materials & the bike itself is recyclable. Hippy stuff I know. These pics are slightly dated. The current models are sporting black aluminum mags & black seat. Here's the best part though: MADE IN THE U.S.A.! Check em out HERE.

69 Mile Ride

Well, here are a few of the shots I got today. An improvement from the last trip, but we'll see what else turns up??? Good times.


Check it out >>>4Q
See y'alls there.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thank you to all of our Service Men & Women past & present.

Home brewed goodness!

Leon sends these pics of his Kawi & waaay out Buel Blast. Dig 'em. Thanks Leon.

A.H.C. Halloween Party

This was my kind of shin dig. No bullsh#t, just good people & good riding! Thanks to Gabe & Lois for their generous hospitality & home cookin. Also thanks to Executive Choppers & Al's Metal Spinning Co. for opening their doors to us. We met some cool folks that I hope to ride with again. Also, thanks to jbfrmca & 6t sinner because a lot of these photos are theirs. I borrowed them from the forum because I didn't get many good ones & theirs are cool. Thanks guys.