Picked up this killer new Biltwell seat for my birthday. Took my son down to Old-Stf Cycle in Yuba city where Mike "hooked me up" as the kids say. Good people. I'll definitely be doing more business with them. This seat is really nice quality & you really couldn't ask for a better fit. Only problem now is I've got to change my fender, tail light & plate mount. It never really ends does it?


I went for a killer ride yesterday & I don't have a single picture to show. My friend Jared grew up here. He rides a '66 Trumpet hard tail & he knows the roads here a hell of a lot better than I do. So when he invited me out today, I gladly accepted. I still haven't addressed the charging issue with my 89, but I decided what the shit; with a full charge I know it'll last for an after noon ride no problem. So we headed for the hills. We couldn't have asked for better weather; the scenery was awesome & the roads absolutely killer, with switchbacks to spare. We stopped for a drink at a cool ass old bar way back in the hills where Jared introduced me to a few of the locals. I met an old guy called Moonshine, who apparently has a hell of a collection of old bikes & cars. Cool people any way. Even with the issues I need to sort, I gotta say I'm falling in love with the Swamp Donkey & it's 4 speed transmission. I don't know if this engine has been stroked or if I'm just not used to the trans but this bike is like a tractor. Even at speed it just lumbers up hills at low enough revs that I can hear each pop from the cylinders individually. I don't know, I just really enjoyed listening to that sound. I do love taking pictures of the places I've been, but sometimes it's nice to forget about it & just enjoy the ride. Cheers, Bryan