Glenn Hammond Curtiss

Recognize this guy? Well you should. How about now? If you're in to the history of motorcycles, then no doubt you've seen this image. Among many things, Glenn Hammond Curtiss helped write motorcycle history & according to wikipedia, is credited with creating the so called "soup can" or "tomato can" carburetor. My research has not been too in depth, but so far, I have not found evidence to back this up. The image above is of Mr. Curtiss aboard the worlds first V-8 motorcycle on which he set an unofficial land speed record of 136.36 in 1907 & became known as the fastest man on earth. But back to the carburetor. Weather or not Mr. Curtiss was or was not in fact the creator of the "soup can carburetor" is not my point here. My point is simply this: With a little imagination, there are no limits to what you can create from literally almost nothing. Many would be builders these days (thanks to the media) seem to be under the impression that building a motorbike is impossible without the use of million dollar machinery. Well, a quick look back in history shoots that theory all to hell. Imagine what tools Mr. Curtiss had at his disposal back in 1907 & this man built entire motorcycles, including their engines. Not only that, he built them well enough to set records with them. Fact is, a hack saw, a couple of hand files, hammers & a small torch will take you a long way. Throw in an inexpensive welder & hell, you could go to the moon. Get your hands dirty. No excuses.

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