Snakes alive!

"Well I'ma west coast struttin' One bad mother Got a rattle snake suit case Under my arm Said I'ma mean machine, been drinkin gasoline & honey you can make my motor run..."

It's completely off the point, but this is worth sharing. We unearthed two rattle snake dens yesterday on the job site & since we can't very well work on top of these things... well, their heads had to be removed. We killed ten yesterday & two more this morning. I'm no pinko hippie, but I don't like killing animals. Since we didn't have much choice though, instead of wasting them, I put them on ice & brought them home to skin. While I research the tanning process, all twelve snakes are bedding down in my freezer & I think my wife is getting divorce papers ready. Any way, if all goes well, I'll have a good stock of skins to make some really cool leather bits with. Cheers suckas

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