Lawrence Joseph Schneider 1927-2011

My great Uncle Lawrence was one of the coolest guys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing & someone I've always looked up to. He was an eccentric man, a WWII veteran & a hot-roder since the birth of hot-roding; an original "greaser" (though he never would have called himself that). His memory was exceptional to the very end. I saw him just a couple of days before he passed & though he was in a hospital bed, he perked right up when I asked him about his '34 Ford V8. I'd say his favorite car though would be his '50 Ford sedan (also V8 of course). That was the one he always talked about racing around. His daily driver though, was a '70 Ford 4x4 with a 390. Mom has some really rad photos from the 50's of him, his brothers & my grandpa with their cars I hope to get soon & post them. He will be greatly missed.

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