My old car

So here's the scoop: This was the first classic I ever bought. It's a 1950 Plymouth with a flathead strait 6 & a 3 on the tree. I was 19 had a job that didn't pay sh#t & didn't know sh#t about cars. Well, I did some minor work (brake cylinders & such) over about 2 years or so when I decided to take a job & move to Northern Ca. & I sold the car. The couple who bought it were passing through town on their way to their home in Oregon when they saw the classified. The gentleman said that he had owned the very same model in the same color while he & his wife were dating quite some years back & that he used to drive it to Oregon & back on the weekends to see her. So of course I sold them the car & that was that.
Then about 10 years later, I was visiting my folks back home when they get a letter in the mail addressed to me. Well, the letter was from the gentleman who bought the car saying he had finished the restoration & had enclosed a couple of pictures of the car now. We have since been in contact through email & the above photos are the latest he's sent.
I'm the type who has a hard time parting with classic cars & bikes unless I'm comfortable with the new owner. Yeah I know, weird. Any way, Harvey's done a fantastic job & I'm happy knowing that my old car went to the right home.


moparkevin said...

I know how you feel.. I got a 49 Dodge right now that needs more of my time.

Kyle Schmidt said...

“I'm the type who has a hard time parting with classic cars…” – I hear you. It is hard to let go of something so beautiful, like your old car. It looks so dapper and gorgeous, anyone would be proud to have her in their garage. But I’m sure her new owner is taking care of her knowing how much you value your old Plymouth.[Kyle Schmidt]