Brat Style?

-This style of bike may or may not become the next big fad in motorcyling, but I have been really jazzed on them lately. They just look like one hell of a lot of fun! According to some folks on the Jockey Journal, among other sites; this shop pioneered the look. Now any bike of this style seems to be refered to as "brat style". These bikes are generaly (but not always) built around small displacement Japanese engines with only minor modifications (if any) to their frames. Almost all of them keep the rear swing arm with stock or short shocks. Suposedly this is due to ridgid frames being illegal in the areas where these fellas live.? Any how, I think they're great. Looks like they could be a super cheap build & a nice mix of street tracker, chopper & cafe racer; my 3 favorites! Plus, they gotta be super light weight & must get about 100 mpg! Ok, maybe 98.

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